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Ask me anything   Submit   I think the exploration of sexuality by one's own hand (s) is a beautiful thing. Most of what we know about ourselves sexually speaking comes from our intimate encounters alone. I firmly believe it is healthy and it should be encouraged and not debased. This is the space to better understand what makes you tick, what pushes you over the edge, what makes you cum. My hope is that you learn to live on the edge of orgasm and to enjoy the scintillating experience. For your stroking and fingering pleasures I have reblogged what I thought to be sensual pictures that will enable you to push the limits of your sexuality. Over time I will post "original" material. Until then sit tight and have fun soloing. Anyone under 18 (or in some states 21) please leave at this moment.


i enjoy my face on occasion…lol

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Str8 guy

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Damn she sucked right

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